Let's Grow A Greener Sydney Together

Let's Grow A Greener Sydney Together

We all know plants are vital for a healthy planet. They make oxygen, capture carbon and the bigger they get, the more they do it - which is why we need to plant more of them. Every year, Flower Power raises over six million new plants. We’re Sydney’s biggest local grower. But we can't regreen Sydney without you. 

Let’s grow a greener Sydney together!

Here are five ways gardening helps the planet, its and people:

1. Cleaner air

In a world struggling with air pollution, studies have shown that adding more greenery can help to purify the air that we breathe, both indoors and out. Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen - so by planting more, you're helping to create cleaner air for yourself and generations to follow.

2. Provide habitat and food for wildlife

Gardens, especially those with native plants, help provide habitat and food sources for a broad range of beneficial bugs, pollinators, lizards, birds, possums and more!

3. Preserve our soil

Roots help bind soil together and prevent erosion. This helps your garden keep a healthy and productive top soil that can also better absorb rainfall and prevent run-off.

4. Restore greenery

Adding seedlings, shrubs and trees to your garden is a simple act that can help to restore greenery lost to development and clearing. When you plant trees and shrubs at home you're creating shade, helping to cool our city and even reduce noise levels.

5. Stress less

Greener environments, both indoors and out, are known to decrease stress, increase productivity and promote relaxation. Is it any wonder workplaces everywhere are filling their offices with greenery?


How Flower Power is helping to green up the environment

  • We are Sydney's biggest local plant grower, with our growing nursery in Glenorie raising over 6 million each year.
  • Our Mount Annan, Glenhaven, Penrith and Milperra Garden Centres, and our growing nursery Arborglen, collect rainwater in onsite tanks and dams to minimise use of mains water.
  • Our growing nursery, Arborglen, recycles green waste and soil into beneficial compost instead of adding to landfill. 
  • Our Homegrown plants now have labels made from 100% recycled plastic.
  • We have committed to the Nursery and Garden Centre Industry plastic pot recycling scheme and encourage customers to drop off PP5 plastics at all 10 of our garden centres. For more information on how you can recycle your plastic garden pots, click here.
  • The lighting in our Erskine Park Warehouse and Head Office, plus our Milperra Garden Centre, is powered by solar power.
  • Our newest garden centre, Milperra, has specialty indoor plant wicking beds to reduce water loss through evaporation.
  • We invested in specialty machinery to recycle old timber pallets into a cost-effective garden mulch available for purchase.
  • Our garden centres are single-use plastic bag free and encourage customers to bring reusable shopping bags or to use our recycled cardboard packaging to get their garden goodies home.
  • Whenever possible we package our online delivery orders in recycled boxes.