Concentrating on a favourite colour is a great way of not only personalising a garden, but also creating a theme to unify your plantings. Red is a colour that many people love and a bold choice for a planting scheme. Make it even hotter by combining red plants with other hot tones such as orange and yellow. For a calmer use of red plants, combine with tones of green, silver and grey.

A quick way to add your favourite colour is with red-toned annuals, including petunias and calibrachoa (spring, summer and autumn) and pansies and violas (autumn, winter and spring). Bulbs including red varieties of tulips and hyacinths bring splashes of spring colour to gardens. Select the colour you like and plant it in key spots in the garden or in a container as a colour accent. Pots of colour are also a good way to introduce a colour theme to gardens for a special event.

For longer lasting colour, include flowering perennials, climbers, shrubs and trees with red flowers. For colour throughout the year, choose plants with colourful foliage including tones of red.


The best red plants

See our selection below of plants with red flowers and foliage, including plants with red new growth. Once a few key plants are selected, look for other varieties to extend your collection and the timing of flowers. Also include plants that tone well with red including orange, silver, white and shades of green.

Red plants for indoor pots

  • Anthurium - many varieties display red flowers throughout the year. Display indoors in a brightly lit spot when in flower. Best outdoors in a sheltered spot when not in bloom. Click to shop anthuriums.
  • Kalanchoe - also known as ‘Flaming Katy’, with flowers autumn to winter. Display indoors in a brightly lit spot when in flower. Best outdoors in a sheltered spot when not in bloom. Click to shop kalanchoes.
  • Poinsettia - popular Christmas and special occasion plants, these are available for summer colour for indoors. Consider these temporary indoor plants only. Click to shop poinsettias.
  • Red foliage options - there are plenty of indoor plants displaying red variegated foliage. Here are a few of our favourites.

Clockwise from top left: Anthurium, Ficus elastica 'Burgundy', Kalanchoe, Ficus elastica 'Tineke Ruby' and Poinsettia offer striking splashes of red for indoor pots.


Red plants for outdoor pots and gardens

Red-flowering perennial plants, shrubs and trees for sunny garden spots

Red-flowering shrubs and perennials for shaded areas

Red-flowering climbing plants

Clockwise from top left: Camellia japonica 'Bob Hope', Bougainvillea 'Temple Fire', Callistemon, Mandevilla 'Crimson Fantasy' and Rose 'Mr Lincoln'.

Red-leafed perennials, shrubs and trees

Clockwise from top left: Lilly pilly 'Cherry Surprise', Alternanthera 'Little Ruby', Photinia 'Red Robin', Nandina and Rex Begonia.