Looking to make a statement in your home or garden? We think the best way is with an oversized statement pot and plant combo. Whether you're looking for extra large pots for outdoor plants or large decorative pots for indoor plants, our fantastic range at Flower Power has got you covered. Click here to shop all pots.


Best extra large pots for outdoor plants

Fibreclay pots

In the past, large statement pots have always been heavy and cumbersome - but with the advent of fibreclay, this is no longer the case. Most often created from resin that's strengthened with fabric or glass fibres, fibreclay pots have the textured look and appeal of traditional concrete or stone, without the weight aspect. This makes them easily manoeuvrable and perfect for displaying on patios, decks or balconies where weight can be a concern, but you'd still like some extra large pots to display your beautiful plants. Our fibreclay pots are available in a range of shapes, sizes, styles and colours to suit any home or garden. Click here to shop.


Lightweight cement pots

Another popular modern pot material is lightweight cement. Less dense than traditional concrete, lightweight cement offers ease of movement in much the same way as our fibreclay pot range. With a range of colours, shapes and styles available you're sure to find the perfect oversized lightweight cement pot to pair with your chosen plant. Click here to shop.


Terracotta pots

When you think terracotta, your mind might go instantly to cottage-style orange pots filled with bulbs - but terracotta as a material is incredibly versatile, with a range of finishes available including reactive glazes that go far beyond the traditional. Our popular Atlantis outdoor pot range, for example, is crafted from heavy terracotta, however the unique kiln firing process used leaves these pots with a unique flecked finish in tones of chalky white, cream, grey and earthy brown. The result is a truly eye-catching display with an antique feel that will seem at home in just about any garden style. Terracotta is also well-known for its porosity, which can help draw excess moisture away from potted plants. Click here to shop all terracotta pots.



Extra large troughs are having a moment right now. Simple and clean with angular appeal, troughs are incredibly versatile. You can fill them with masses of seasonal colour to line pathways, place them flush against a building for impact where space is at a premium, or use them on a balcony or patio filled with tall, full plants to create a portable green privacy screen. Click here to shop angular troughs in a range of sizes and colours.

Southport Trough in Cement.


Best large decorative pots for indoor plants

Ceramic, clay and terracotta pots

Ceramic, clay and terracotta are the materials most commonly used in our indoor planter range, and there's good reason - they're durable and incredibly versatile. Choose from extra-large pots in matte or glossy, textured or smooth textures and a range of statement-making shades to pair with your favourite indoor plants. Click to shop all ceramic, clay and terracotta pots and planters.


Cement pots

As with outdoors, lightweight cement planters are popular for indoor styling too. Our range of timber-accented cement planters takes inspiration from the mid-century modern interior decorating style, and prioritises textured finishes which add life to the home. Click here to shop.


Aluminium pots

Providing an unexpected finish, our range of powder-coated aluminium planters might be just the touch of subtle luxe your home needs. This lightweight yet durable material is fast becoming a favourite. Click to shop the range.


Planter baskets

Prefer something a little more relaxed? Consider pairing your favourite indoor plant with an oversized woven basket. The perfect alternative to the traditional indoor pot, baskets are a particularly good choice in coastal or bohemian-inspired homes. Choose from a broad variety of different weave patterns, washes and materials, all with a natural feel. Click to shop our range.


How to fill a large pot for planting

Ready to get your statement pot and plant combination set up? Here are a couple of our top tips for filling your pot.

Tip 1: Use the plastic nursery pot to your advantage.

There are a few reasons we advise keeping your plant in an appropriately-sized plastic nursery pot which is then slipped inside the decorative planter of your choice. Here are our top three.

  • Drainage. Often, decorative planters have inadequate drainage, or none at all. There's a reason for this - it's to keep water from dripping and staining your carpets, decks or tables - but plants that don't have adequate drainage tend to suffer. By keeping your plant in a nursery pot with adequate drainage, you can remove it from the decorative planter to water it, allow it to drain and then return it to its home.
  • Weight. A decorative planter filled all the way with potting mix can become very heavy and cumbersome to move, and can also hold more water than your plant needs. By using an appropriately sized nursery pot that slips inside the decorative planter, you'll likely be using less potting mix - meaning a less weighty pot overall.
  • Repotting. Sometimes, when a plant's root system expands in a pot with a body that's broader than its opening, the only way to repot the plant is to smash the pot. Using a nursery pot that fits inside your decorative planter should allow you to upsize easily and reuse the planter in future.


Tip 2: Use props

Newsflash - if your nursery pot is smaller than your decorative pot, you don't have to resign yourself to having a plant that sits too low! Instead, use props to your advantage. Place a brick, some pebbles or a styrofoam block in the bottom of your decorative planter, and then place your nursery pot on top of this. You might need to try a few different props until your plant sits at the height you need. The beauty of this is that your decorative pot might be able to accommodate your plant even as you repot into bigger nursery pots - you'll just need to reassess your props from time to time!


Tip 3: Choose your spot first

A large pot is inevitably going to become heavier and more difficult to move when filled with potting mix and a plant. We advise that you get your pot into position first. Then, once you're happy with it, slip your chosen plant and its nursery pot into the decorative pot, using props as outlined above. Similarly, if you decide to move your statement pot to a different position later on, we'd suggest removing the plant and moving them separately.


Tip 4: Consider drip irrigation

Extra large potted plants can require a lot of water, especially if positioned outdoors. If you're certain you'll be keeping yours in its designated spot for some time to come, consider setting up a drip irrigation system while you're potting it up. Drippers ensure a controlled flow of water to your plant, meaning you don't have to keep track of watering duties or lug heavy watering cans around.