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  1. 10 Garden Design Ideas For Small Gardens

    10 Garden Design Ideas For Small Gardens
    No space is too small to have a garden or create an outdoor picture. Here are ways you can add plants or interest to your balcony, courtyard or porch.   A grouping of plants in statement pots makes an eye-catching feature; while a hanging plant such as this Monstera lechleriana is ideal for maximising foliage with zero floor space footprint...
  2. Potted perfection: 9 tips for the perfect outdoor pot cluster

    Potted perfection: 9 tips for the perfect outdoor pot cluster
    Potted plants are a popular and suitable choice in nearly every garden. They're much more portable than in-ground plants, so you can take them with you if ever you move house, plus choosing to grow plants in containers can open you up to a wider variety of plants that may not otherwise work with the soil type in your garden...
  3. Hardy plants for outdoor pots

    Hardy plants for outdoor pots
    Gardens and plants in outdoor containers may have taken a battering from the elements through last summer's drought and blazing heat, but now is not the time to throw in the trowel. Those extreme conditions actually revealed many plants that thrive with little fuss, even when it is hot and dry. Here are a few basic care tips and our...
  4. Outdoor furniture range

    Outdoor furniture range
    Create your ultimate outdoor space to relax, dine and entertain with our range of furniture and accessories. Browse our furniture catalogue Whether yours is a backyard, a courtyard or a balcony we have the perfect furniture setting for your garden. Open the mobile friendly digital catalogue in a new window. Finance available Purchase the furniture setting you want now with Interest Free* finance. Apply...

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