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pot plants

  1. Hardy plants for outdoor pots

    Hardy plants for outdoor pots
    Gardens and plants in outdoor containers may have taken a battering from the elements through last summer's drought and blazing heat, but now is not the time to throw in the trowel. Those extreme conditions actually revealed many plants that thrive with little fuss, even when it is hot and dry. Here are a few basic care tips and our...
  2. The best potted outdoor plants for your coastal garden

    The best potted outdoor plants for your coastal garden
    Coastal gardens in picturesque places such as around the Mediterranean are frequently bold and flamboyant as they are filled with colourful outdoor plants that flower almost year round. Think bougainvillea, geranium and hibiscus. Luckily, all these plants grow as happily in containers as they do in the ground, and still manage to provide that dazzling display - even in your...
  3. Gardening 101: caring for your balcony garden

    Gardening 101: caring for your balcony garden
    If you are new to gardening in containers on a balcony or other confined space, you may not know quite where to begin. Here are the answers to many frequently asked questions about small-space and balcony gardening.   Q. What kind of pots should I be using on my balcony? A. There are many different pots that are suited to...
  4. Container gardening: our top picks

    Container gardening: our top picks
    With space at a premium, sometimes it simply isn't practical to plant out a garden bed in your garden - or perhaps you want to grow some greenery where there's no soil to plant them to thrive in. Enter container gardening. It's perfect for those with small courtyards or balconies, and fabulous for those who rent. Why container gardening? There are...
  5. A palm for every home

    A palm for every home
    Ahh, the palm. Is there any other plant that inspires such a feeling of relaxation? One glimpse and your mind is half a world away, lazing in a hammock and sipping on a cocktail. And bringing that relaxed holiday feel to your suburban Sydney home needn’t be difficult. No matter the size of your yard or the state of your...
  6. How to grow a herb garden on your windowsill

    How to grow a herb garden on your windowsill
    A sunny windowsill that enjoys at least four hours of sunlight daily is all you need to have freshly-cut herbs at your fingertips.   Seeds vs seedlings Seeds will give you more bang for your buck, as long as you don’t mind waiting a few months for your herbs to be ready for harvesting. On the other hand, planting seedlings...
  7. How to repot plants

    How to repot plants
    To keep potted plants healthy and thriving, they need to be repotted regularly. This means taking them out of their container and either putting them into a new, larger container, or simply replanting them into the same container with fresh potting mix. Repotting is done to provide extra growing space and nutrients.   How often to repot The frequency of...
  8. 4 tips for growing plants in containers

    4 tips for growing plants in containers
    Containers are a great way to showcase your favourite plants and inject a bit of personality into your home and garden. Whatever container your plant calls home, here are our top four tips to ensure your container garden thrives. 1. Size matters Make sure you choose the right size pot for your plant (or vice versa). Seek out a pot that's slightly...
  9. Federation Daisies

    Federation Daisies
    There’s nothing quite as cheery to see growing in a garden as a daisy bush. But daisies aren’t just daisies.

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