Chinese fan palm

  1. A palm for every home

    A palm for every home
    Ahh, the palm. Is there any other plant that inspires such a feeling of relaxation? One glimpse and your mind is half a world away, lazing in a hammock and sipping on a cocktail. And bringing that relaxed holiday feel to your suburban Sydney home needn’t be difficult. No matter the size of your yard or the state of your...
  2. 8 secrets to a happy indoor palm

    8 secrets to a happy indoor palm
    A palm in your home will inject personality, colour and style, and as a bonus, purify the air. Discover how to strike the right balance between moisture, feeding, light and warmth to keep your palm looking lush all year round.   1. Start with good soil. Give your palm a winning start with a quality potting mix. Use a mix that’s...

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