With housing at a premium in Sydney these days, many of us are living in more compact quarters and taking advantage of the vertical space offered by apartment buildings. But not having a grassy green backyard doesn't mean you can't enjoy outdoor living to the fullest. Here are a few great outdoor furniture balcony ideas to help make the most of your compact space. These ideas will also work beautifully for a courtyard or even a patio.


Outdoor balcony furniture idea 1: A hanging chair.

Hanging chairs, also known as egg chairs, are a fabulous option for smaller spaces as they offer a comfy place to sit without taking up too much floor space. Options such as our Hayman or Bangalow Hanging Chairs are provided on minimal, space-saving stands, meaning you also don't need to find a safe place in your balcony's ceiling to install them. Place one in a corner of your balcony and enjoy its gentle swinging motion as you read a book or indulge in your morning coffee.

Hanging chairs like our Hayman make perfect balcony additions.


Outdoor balcony furniture idea 2: An occasional chair or bench

Keen for a place to sit, but prefer something a little more grounded than a hanging chair? Choose a comfortable occasional chair or garden bench instead. The benefit of a bench, in particular, is that it can provide comfortable seating for two without taking up too much space, as it can be positioned right up against a wall. Whichever type of seat you choose, pair it with a side table so you've got somewhere to rest your reading material or coffee.

Our Montego Bay Occasional Chair and Hunter Bench both make great additions to small outdoor spaces.


Outdoor balcony furniture idea 3: A two-seater setting.

If outdoor dining is something that appeals, a space-conscious setting could make this dream a reality on your balcony. Our range of compact settings are perfect for sharing meals, drinks or coffees without taking up too much room. Most include a table and two chairs, or you can choose individual tables and chairs to suit from our range.

Table for two, anyone? Our Iluka and Eden settings provide seating options for small spaces with diverse looks.


Outdoor balcony furniture idea 4: A petite lounge.

While you might think a lounge setting would be too big for a balcony, think again. We've got some fantastic compact options that offer plenty of comfort in smaller spaces. A two-seater lounge setting such as our Lawrence is ideal for a small space, with a small side table and foot rests offering modular configurability. Alternatively, small-scale settings like our Tobago or Lennox provide comfy seating without the sprawl of some of our grander pieces.

Choose a small lounge setting for comfy seating that maximises space. Here, we've pictured our Lawrence and Lennox settings.


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