Colourful Foliage

  1. Colourful hedging plants for Sydney gardens

    Colourful hedging plants for Sydney gardens
    Hedges don’t have to be just green. There are many dense, evergreen shrubs you can rely on on to add year-round colour to gardens from their foliage. Here are our favourite colourful hedging plants that thrive in temperate gardens such as the Sydney area. Most do best in sunny situations with extra water in dry times. To maintain colourful hedges...
  2. Cordylines

    Cordylines are tough, leafy plants that bring a subtropical flavour to gardens even in cool climates.
  3. Bromeliads

    Bromeliads are fascinating plants that come in a variety of foliage colours including green, burgundy, gold, pink, orange and grey. Many bromeliads also produce spectacular flowers in a range of colours and forms. There are 56 genera of bromeliads with Neoregelias, Aechmeas, Billbergias, Tillandsias and the Alcantareas being some of the most popular. Originating from South America, in their natural...

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