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  1. Gardening 101: A buyer's guide to plant selection

    Gardening 101: A buyer's guide to plant selection
    A visit to a garden centre to buy plants for your garden can be an overwhelming experience. For me, it’s like being a kid in the candy store with so many pretty things begging to go in my trolley. While it can be great fun, plant selection is key - otherwise, when you get home you may find that there’s...
  2. Fruit tree care

    Fruit tree care
    Pick from our tree of knowledge and know thy fruit tree care for every season.   Summer With your tree (hopefully) full of ripening fruit, it’ll be irresistible to fruit flies and birds. Bird netting will stop feathered friends feasting on your fruit while fruit fly bait around your tree will keep pesky fruit flies away. We recommend eco-naturalure Fruit Fly...

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