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indoor plant care

  1. Caring for pilea

    Caring for pilea
    Pilea peperomioides is one of the most popular of all indoor plants - not just in Australia, but around the world. With its round, saucer-like leaves on long stalks, this cute little plant looks as if it landed in the living room from outer space. Those round, lilypad-like leaves also give it a common name of Chinese money plant. Here...
  2. Gardening 101: Top indoor plants for the new #plantparent

    Gardening 101: Top indoor plants for the new #plantparent
    Indoor plants are trendy. They are the must-have house ornament of 2019, with hashtags, groups and communities around plant parenthood setting social media ablaze. But, unlike industrial lights, leaf-motif wallpaper and anything copper, plants are a decorative item that you can’t buy, set and forget. They are living organisms that demand your care and attention – much like a pet...
  3. Gardening 101: Winter Indoor Plant Care

    Gardening 101: Winter Indoor Plant Care
    Even though indoor plants are inside and protected from the worst of the winter weather, they still need winter care. How you minister to your indoor plants in winter is different from the care they need during spring and summer. If your plants are dying, losing leaves or suffering from pest problems such as scale, it may be because you...

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