Everyone expects gardens to be at their spendiferous, colourful best in spring and summer, with autumn bringing warmth and texture. When we think of winter in the garden, we often think drab, dormant and boring... But it doesn't have to be that way. By choosing your plants cleverly, you can have a garden that is filled with colour all year round.


Flowering colour

Annuals including alyssum, pansies, snapdragons, cineraria, primulas and stock can be purchased in a range of cheerful shades, and if you purchase bloomers rather than seedling punnets, they'll add instant vibrancy to your garden beds or pots that will warm up your winter garden in no time.  Hellebores, leucadendrons and proteas are also beautiful, and provide flowering colour (plus textural interest!) throughout the cold season.

A range of plants for winter flowering colour.

From left: Hellebores, pansies, a king protea and mass-planted alyssum.


Foliage colour

Don't just rely on pretty petals - you can also use coloured foliage to great effect in your garden! Nandinas, cordylines, flax and coprosmas are reliable and versatile ways to add a splash of non-flowering colour to your garden. In addition, many lilly pilly varieties feature colourful foliage, while evergreen magnolias display stunning bronze tones on the reverse side of their deep green leaves. Colourful groundcover options include such plants as alternanthera, while brightly-coloured bromeliads including guzmania, vriesea and alcantarea can help add structure and a hint of the tropics - which can be handy during winter!

A range of plants with beautifully coloured foliage.

From left: Nandina domestica nana 'blush', coprosma 'pacific sunrise', lilly pilly 'cherry surprise', magnolia 'little gem'.


What are your favourite ways to add winter colour? Let us know below!