1. How to grow citrus in pots

    How to grow citrus in pots
    Citrus trees are made for the Aussie backyard, but if you don’t have a garden, can you still enjoy the delights of home-grown citrus? The answer is yes if you consider dwarf varieties and grow citrus in pots or large containers. More important than garden space is access to lots of sun and warmth, which are two very important ingredients...
  2. The complete citrus care guide for Sydney gardens

    The complete citrus care guide for Sydney gardens
    Citrus trees are among the most popular of all backyard fruit trees in temperate areas such as Sydney. Citrus include lemons, oranges, mandarins, limes, cumquats and grapefruit, and all can be grown either in the garden or in large containers. To get the best crops from your trees, however, they need attention throughout the year. Follow our tips and seasonal...
  3. Shade trees for any garden

    Shade trees for any garden
    Summer can be a tough time in gardens but it’s a lot more comfortable if your garden offers a shady oasis from the heat. With a bit of leafy shade the garden becomes somewhere to spend time playing, relaxing and eating. Planting trees around a home does more than provide shade. Trees lower the temperature indoors and out. Summer is...
  4. Simply Citrus

    Simply Citrus
    Your citrus grove doesn’t need to stop at a lemon or lime. If you have lots of sunny, well-drained garden space available, citrus are both productive and ornamental.
  5. Bronze Orange Bugs

    Bronze Orange Bugs
    When I bought my first home, I had no real understanding of ‘garden’ as a verb. For a long time the garden managed without me, and an Orange tree in particular flourished.

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