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  1. Choose your own gardening adventure this long weekend!

    Choose your own gardening adventure this long weekend!
    The long weekend is ideal for getting things done around the house and garden - that extra day seems to do us a world of good. But when you've got a lot to do, where do you start? We've broken it down into easy chunks - so whether you have five minutes or a whole three-day weekend to spare, you...
  2. Rhaphiolepis

    Indian hawthorn (Rhaphiolepis indica) is one of the most bulletproof shrubs around. Need a plant in a pot? Indian hawthorn. Need a low, compact hedge? Indian hawthorn. Want pretty spring flowers? Indian hawthorn. Need a shrub with small, glossy, dark green leaves? You guessed it, Indian hawthorn. Evergreen? Indian hawthorn. Suits an exposed balcony or garden with heat, wind, coastal...
  3. Gardening glossary

    Gardening glossary
    The world of gardening is riddled with jargon. If you’re not sure what deadheading means, are wondering if your plant is “established” or thought humus was a delicious chickpea dip, read on. Our simple gardening glossary lists all the common gardening terms you need to know.   A ACID SOIL: soil that has a pH below 7. ALKALINE SOIL: soil that...
  4. Five gifts that say "I dig you"

    Five gifts that say "I dig you"
    Mix it up this Valentine's Day with a gift oozing fun and personality. Potted plants make wonderful gifts and with a few special touches your Valentine won't be able to resist planting one on you! 1. Hello petal Phalaenopsis orchids are sure to impress with their grace and stunning flowers. We have a range of ready-made phalaenopsis orchids available instore in layered, terrarium style vessels...
  5. Grow Your Own Pineapple

    Grow Your Own Pineapple
    It’s easy and fun to grow a pineapple - so next time you enjoy a delicious, sweet tasting one, keep the leafy top to grow your own. They also make attractive indoor plants for a sunny windowsill – hello, tropical style! Things you will need: The top of a delicious pineapple (as unmarked and fresh as possible) A sharp knife...
  6. Cymbidium orchids

    Cymbidium orchids
    With a little TLC you will be romanced by Cymbidium’s elegant flowers for an incredible 4-12 weeks.
  7. Rhubarb

    A little bit about Rhubarb Rhubarb brings out the baker in all of us inspiring the most delicious crumbles, jams and pies. Thanks to it's impressive foliage and thick, red stalks it also looks great in the garden! It's one of the few perennial vegetables so use these growing tips to enjoy home grown deserts for three or four years.   Botanical name: Rheum rhabarbarum Potential...
  8. Simply Citrus

    Simply Citrus
    Your citrus grove doesn’t need to stop at a lemon or lime. If you have lots of sunny, well-drained garden space available, citrus are both productive and ornamental.
  9. Living from the inside out

    Living from the inside out
    There is no denying that us Aussies are a nation of barbecuing entertainers and that our beautiful climate ensures our addiction to the outdoor lifestyle. If you are not sure how to make the most of your backyard, veranda, porch, courtyard, balcony, open-roof or even your front lawn, don’t just stay inside! We have put together a few tips to...
  10. Basque Natural Stone

    Basque Natural Stone
    There are pavers, and then there are Basque Natural Stone pavers. What makes Basque Natural Stone a cut above the rest? Each paver is a natural stone product, chiselled from rock millions of years in the making. This slow, natural process creates interesting patterns, flecks of minerals (including quartz) and occasionally fossil prints, and makes every single paver utterly unique...

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