Crepe Myrtle

  1. Sensational garden staples: Set-and-forget plants that every gardener can grow

    Sensational garden staples: Set-and-forget plants that every gardener can grow
    Every Sydney garden needs a few staple plants. These are plants that you can plant once and never really worry about again, as they can grow with very little extra water, pruning or fertilising required. They may sound too good to be true, but these plants really are set-and-forget, and include plants for every purpose from flowers to groundcovers. Use...
  2. Crepe myrtle: the perfect summer flowering tree

    Crepe myrtle: the perfect summer flowering tree
    Crepe myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) is a tree or a tall shrub with a lot to offer gardeners. First up are its beautiful flowers in pink, heliotrope (a bright pink), red, mauve or vibrant white to enjoy from late spring well into autumn. And there’s no need to wait years for your beautiful blossoms, as these trees flower while young. One...
  3. No-patience-needed plants

    No-patience-needed plants
    Gardeners need to be patient as they wait for trees and shrubs to bloom and hedges to grow. But do we really have to wait ages for a beautiful garden? The good news is there are fast-growing outdoor plants out there that can quickly fill up empty spaces. Block out the neighbours One of the first plantings most new gardeners...
  4. Colourful plants that brave winter

    Colourful plants that brave winter
    As the days begin to cool, a new wave of colour invades the garden. Clockwise from top left: Japanese maple, pin oak, azaleas, crepe myrtle.   Colours glow as Japanese maples turn fiery red, crimson and gold. In cooler spots, pin oak will turn a brilliant scarlet and the orange leaves of the crepe myrtle make a last splash of...
  5. Say it with flowers

    Say it with flowers
    February is the month of love. Here are six flowers that just love February. We dare you not to fall head over heels! 1. Hibiscus If you like flamboyant flowers, you’ll love hibiscus. These generous shrubs will light up your garden through summer, unfurling new flowers day after day. With blossoms in tones of red, pink, yellow, orange and even...
  6. Shade trees for any garden

    Shade trees for any garden
    Summer can be a tough time in gardens but it’s a lot more comfortable if your garden offers a shady oasis from the heat. With a bit of leafy shade the garden becomes somewhere to spend time playing, relaxing and eating. Planting trees around a home does more than provide shade. Trees lower the temperature indoors and out. Summer is...
  7. Colourful Autumn Plants

    Colourful Autumn Plants
    Autumn is all about colour, as trees that have been green and lush all summer long reveal new and flamboyant personalities. Expect to enjoy flame-coloured leaves on maples, burgundy and red on grapevines and yellow on ash trees, while crepe myrtles have their own cascades of yellow and gold. The plants that put on these amazing leaf colours are deciduous...
  8. Summer Flowering Trees

    Summer Flowering Trees
    Some of my favourite summer trees bring a splash of colour to the garden or the street as they burst into bloom as the season starts to warm up.

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