1. Top 5 February tasks your garden will love you for

    Top 5 February tasks your garden will love you for
    According to the calendar, February is the last month of summer, but it can be very hot and humid and these conditions take their toll on the garden. Over the next few months the weather will cool, days will get shorter and the milder months of autumn will arrive. For now, though, there are some simple tasks you can undertake...
  2. Say it with flowers

    Say it with flowers
    February is the month of love. Here are six flowers that just love February. We dare you not to fall head over heels! 1. Hibiscus If you like flamboyant flowers, you’ll love hibiscus. These generous shrubs will light up your garden through summer, unfurling new flowers day after day. With blossoms in tones of red, pink, yellow, orange and even...
  3. February

    It can be a tough time of year for your plants with soaring temperatures doing damage last month and now the rain and sticky humidity rolling in for February, bringing fungal pests with it. Read on for tips of keeping your garden ship-shape!
  4. February Fungus

    February Fungus
    In Sydney, February and March are generally humid and wet months. While most plants and lawns will thrive with a bit of this muggy humidity, sometimes it’s a little much, and can result in fungal problems. Some plants are more affected than others like turf and edibles. Lawns Fungal issues in lawns usually manifest as little blacks spots. They appear...

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