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  1. Growing herbs and vegies in a raised garden bed

    Growing herbs and vegies in a raised garden bed
    Why grow herbs and vegies in a raised garden bed? Raised garden beds are a brilliant way to grow edibles. Great soil is key to growing herbs and vegies, so if your soil is rock-hard clay or pure sand, a raised garden bed filled with top-notch soil makes perfect sense. It’s also a life-saver if you have a bad back and...
  2. Five steps to potato perfection

    Five steps to potato perfection
    In 1995, five small potatoes were grown from tubers on-orbit, aboard the space shuttle Columbia.  While the potatoes in your garden won’t reach such astronomical heights, with our simple growing guide, they’ll go a long way in your garden and kitchen. What a spud The humble potato is not only easy to grow and super versatile in the kitchen, packed...
  3. There’s a potato for that

    There’s a potato for that
    Ah, the humble spud. Not only is it super easy to grow, it goes perfectly with any dish you throw at it. Not to mention this most versatile of vegetables comes in countless varieties. With so many spuds and so little time, we’ve saved you the search, with a roundup of the best ways to prepare the 16 different varieties...
  4. Rhubarb

    A little bit about Rhubarb Rhubarb brings out the baker in all of us inspiring the most delicious crumbles, jams and pies. Thanks to it's impressive foliage and thick, red stalks it also looks great in the garden! It's one of the few perennial vegetables so use these growing tips to enjoy home grown deserts for three or four years.   Botanical name: Rheum rhabarbarum Potential...
  5. Vegie Gardens for Beginners

    Vegie Gardens for Beginners
    There is nothing like the taste of freshly picked food.

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