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  1. Pest-repelling plants

    Pest-repelling plants
    Whether its mozzies, flies or ants, did you know you can stop pests in their tracks with a range of pest-repellent plants? The secret to these plants’ pest-repellent magic is in the oils they produce, which must be released in order for the plant to be effective against pests. There are a few ways to release these plants’ pest-deterring oils. For...
  2. Growing herbs and veggies in a raised garden bed

    Growing herbs and veggies in a raised garden bed
    Why grow herbs and veggies in a raised garden bed? Raised garden beds are a brilliant way to grow edibles. Great soil is key to growing herbs and veggies, so if your soil is rock-hard clay or pure sand, a raised garden bed filled with top-notch soil makes perfect sense. Modern versions of the raised garden bed are also a total...
  3. How to grow great garlic

    How to grow great garlic
    Any way you slice it, garlic (allium sativum) is a winner. Not only is it oh-so tasty, it’s an antidote for a multitude of ills (Hippocrates prescribed garlic to treat a variety of medical conditions). Beneath each bulb’s tight papery sheath are several cloves, packing some serious fragrant and nutrient punch. Little wonder it’s a key ingredient in just about...
  4. Companion Planting

    Companion Planting
    The right combination of plants will make a big impact on your garden.

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