1. 7 tools every gardener needs

    7 tools every gardener needs
    Whether you’re new to the gardening game or an old hand, here are seven gardening tools no green thumb can live without. For the balcony gardeners among us, a pair of secateurs, a hand fork and a trowel will do just fine.     1. Secateurs Secateurs. Clippers. Pruning shears. Whatever you like to call them, this is a tool no gardener can...
  2. How to store your harvest

    How to store your harvest
    Autumn is harvest time in the garden. Crops from orchards and kitchen gardens are all maturing and ripening in the long warm days. Here in my kitchen I am surrounded with buckets of tomatoes, quite a few cabbages and the normal over abundance of zucchini. As well we have apples and pears ripening and armloads of mint. And a neighbour...
  3. Growing tomatoes in Sydney

    Growing tomatoes in Sydney
    We can’t think of a more rewarding fruit or vegie to grow than tomatoes. They can take up a relatively small space, growing happily in a pot, and produce plump, juicy fruit for months on end.

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