The secret to thriving plants in spring is healthy soil, and autumn is the perfect time to give it some TLC. 

Like a chef blends ingredients to create a delicious balance of flavours, soil prep is all about getting the right mix of nutrients to create great growing conditions for plants.

Based on a one square metre area, the below is a step-by-step recipe for soil success. For best results, this recipe is best prepared and left to simmer for at least one week before planting.


Shopping list

  • Organic Active 8 Soil Improver & Planting Mix
  • Amgrow Organic Booster Pellets
  • Organic Sugar Cane mulch
  • seaweed solution


  • bulk garden mix (to top up soil)
  • Amgrow Blood & Bone Based Fertiliser
  • Supersoil Garden Mix (for sandy soil)
  • gypsum (for clay soil)


Recipe for soil success

Step 1: Prepare your garden bed by removing unwanted plants, weeds and stones, breaking up clumps of soil as you go.

Step 2: If your soil needs a top-up, contact your local Flower Power for a price on bulk garden mix. To get it home, drive through^ our landscape area seven days a week and load up your truck or trailer. Or let us deliver to you seven days a week. If you’re a Garden Lovers Club member, you can hire a free courtesy trailer.* Not a Garden Lovers Club member? No worries! Click to sign up now.

Step 3: Dig in half a bag of soil additive like Organic Active 8 Soil Improver & Planting Mix.

Step 4: Mix in two handfuls of Amgrow Blood & Bone Based Fertiliser to give plants an extra boost. Skip this step if planting natives and flowering exotics such as rhododendrons as it may be too strong.

Step 5: If you have sandy soil, add a garden mix like Supersoil Garden Mix. If you have clay soil, add gypsum.

Step 6: Rake your garden bed to ensure soil is level.

Step 7: Plant your new additions, ideally at least one week after preparing soil.

Step 8: Spread an even layer of mulch.

Step 9: Water your newly-planted additions deeply with seaweed solution.

Step 10: Finally, spread a handful of slow-release fertiliser.



*Conditions apply. See instore for details.
^ Mascot Flower Power does not have bulk available for pick-up but they can happily arrange delivery for you. Click here to contact our Mascot team.