Coastal inspired decorations and tones are right on trend. If you’ve been inspired to bring the coastal look inside, what plants do you select to match your interior theme? Seaside plants tend to have tough green leaves and include palms, ferns and the tall, lush umbrella tree.

The robust green foliage of many indoor plants also complements the blues and whites or creams of coastal décor. Here are our top choices to give your brightly lit, coastal-themed room the finishing touch.


Flower Power's favourite coastal-inspired indoor plants


Palms are perfect beside the sea and many palms grow well indoors. Top choices are rhapis, kentia (native to Norfolk Island) and golden cane palm. These are clumping plants and, with their long green or gold fronds, are ideal to use to fill a corner in a brightly lit room. As the plant grows, re-pot it into a larger sized container with fresh potting mix to keep it strong and healthy.

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Palms, such as Golden Cane and Rhapis, are perfect for enhancing a coastal feel.


Dracaena (Happy Plant)

This plant is a very happy in combination with coastal décor and easy care. The variety ‘Janet Craig’ has particularly dark green and glossy leaves that pop against coastal colours.

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Bird’s Nest Fern

The round lush, leafy form of the birds nest fern also looks great in a coastal décor and adds a contrasting shape beside the upright growth of palms. Keep ferns away from cold draughts.

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Dracaena 'Janet Craig' and Bird's Nest Fern 'Antiquum' make great additions to a coastal-inspired interior.


Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily)

Spathiphyllum is one of the best of all indoor plants as it tolerates a wide range of indoor conditions and, when it is happy, produces tall stems of creamy flowers. To make a statement, select one of the large leaved forms. The variety ‘Sensation’ has large, dark green ribbed leaves. It looks spectacular in a large blue or white decorator pot.

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Spathiphyllums, including large-leaved Sensation (right), are perfect for achieving that coastal vibe.



The tall fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is very handsome in any indoor setting but works particularly well against the crisp tones of a coastal-inspired setting. Keep it in top health by placing it in a brightly lit spot. As the plant grows, keep moving it on into a slightly larger container.

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With their dark green or burgundy-toned leaves, philodendrons bring rich colour to any indoor setting. Depending on the species you choose, philodendrons can spill from a ledge or hanging basket or be displayed in a container on a stand. As the plant grows it will benefit from being re-potted into a slightly larger container with fresh potting mix.

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Looking for statement plants to add to your coastal-inspired interiors? Fiddle leaf figs and philodendrons, including Rojo Congo (right), are fantastic.

Schefflera (Umbrella Tree)

Grow your own beach umbrella with the aptly named umbrella tree. This tall, lush plant lives up to its common name with its leaflets arranged like a round umbrella. As it is a big plant it is an easy way to add height to an indoor planting.

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Not all seaside locations are edged with palms and lush foliage. Some oceans lap against the edge of the desert so cactus and their non-spiny friends, succulents, also work well for a coastal inspired room. Make sure cactus are positioned in very brightly lit locations such as on a north-facing windowsill.

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Umbrella trees and cactus varieties such as rhipsalis add great texture to a coastal palette.


Top tip for displaying indoor plants

Once you’ve selected your plants, consider the right container to match the décor. Our pick for coastal indoor plant styling is to use a planter basket in place of an indoor pot. Be inspired by the huge range of baskets in stock to find one that matches the size you need. They make the perfect alternative to a traditional indoor pot. Use the basket as a decorative pot, standing the plant in its nursery pot on a saucer inside the basket. Take the pot plant out to water and feed, and allow it to drain before slipping it back into place.

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