1. Top plants for a coastal vibe indoors

    Top plants for a coastal vibe indoors
    Coastal inspired decorations and tones are right on trend. If you’ve been inspired to bring the coastal look inside, what plants do you select to match your interior theme? Seaside plants tend to have tough green leaves and include palms, ferns and the tall, lush umbrella tree. The robust green foliage of many indoor plants also complements the blues and...
  2. Five perfect plants for dad

    Five perfect plants for dad
    Whether it's a cactus, snake plant or the cool-sounding dragon tree, this Father's Day show dad he’s the greatest with one of these five plant picks.     1. Cactus Cactaceae For a plant that’s as hardy and low-care as dad, choose a cactus. These slow-growing desert dwellers are unique thanks to their prickly suit of armour - and while it’s...
  3. 8 plants for your coffee table

    8 plants for your coffee table
    A coffee table plant is an instant and inexpensive way to add style and inject colour and personality to your space. When choosing a pot to go with your plant, look for features that complement (not compete with) the foliage. If you want the plant to be the star, pick a pot with a simple design or neutral colours. If...
  4. Water-smart gardening

    Water-smart gardening
    When it’s hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement and bitumen is melting in the street, most garden plants are suffering. They are hanging out for a long wet drink. Most, but not all. There is a group of plants that thrive when it’s hot and dry. These are known as xerophytes and form the basis for a...

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