For some, when it comes to indoor plants, bigger is better! From fiddle leaf figs to philodendrons there are many lush and leafy indoor plants to grow to decorate your home. In general, large-leaved indoor plants need a brightly lit spot indoors out of direct sun, which can burn the lush foliage. It is important to keep these large and ornamental leaves regularly dusted and cleaned. Keep plants well-watered, but don’t allow them to stand in water. As the large leaves are an important feature, regularly inspect leaves for signs of pests or stress for example due to lack of light.

For interest, combine plants with differently shaped, sized and textured leaves. Add colour with variegated and green combinations.


Flower Power's best large leaf indoor plants

Wondering what are the best large indoor plants to place in your home? Here are some of the popular large-leaved choices to grow indoors, either singularly or combining several as a lush indoor garden.

Best large indoor plants #1: Fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata)

This all-time favourite needs a brightly lit spot with plenty of room to grow to its full height (2.5m or more). Repot regularly as the plant grows. Click here for plenty of fiddle leaf care tips.

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Best large indoor plants #2: Monstera (Monstera deliciosa)

With its large green leaves made interesting and decorative with holes and splits that give it the common name of Swiss cheese plant, this is an easy plant to grow. It’s natural climbing habit means it needs lots of space and some support. In nature it clambers up rainforest trees. Learn all you need to know about caring for your monstera here.

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Best large indoor plants #3: Philodendron

There are many different philodendrons but some named varieties with the large and decorative leaves include clumping varieties such as Congo (also Rojo Congo) and the very popular Xanadu, which can also be used outdoors in a sheltered, frost-free location. For a very attractive split leaf form look for Lickety Split. Philodendrons are easy to grow indoors but avoid overwatering. Prune off wayward stems to keep plants compact.

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Best large indoor plants #4: Rubber plant (Ficus elastica)

The rubber plant is a fast-growing, easy care indoor fig. It needs regular repotting as it grows and should be pruned to keep compact. Do not plant outdoors as this fig forms a very large tree with invasive roots if planted into the soil. You'll find plenty of care tips for all kinds of indoor figs here.

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Best large indoor plants #5: Alocasia

Alocasia are very attractive and large-leaved indoor foliage plants, and are definitely among the top choices to look out for when adding to your collection. The leaves are held on long stems and add impact to any room. There are many named varieties with diverse looks - click here to learn more about some of our favourites.

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Best large indoor plants #6: Schefflera

Also known as umbrella tree, this is plant that can introduce a large leaf to the indoor garden. Best for indoors are dwarf forms. This article has plenty of advice on caring for your schefflera.

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Best large indoor plants #7: Spathiphyllum ‘Sensation’

This is one of the easiest of all indoor plants to grow and is also known as the large leaf peace plant. ‘Sensation’ has large, dark green pleated leaves and forms a large and impressive clump. Allow this plant to dry out slightly between waterings but plants that are too dry will wilt. For more advice on caring for all spathiphyllum varieties, check out this article.

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Best large indoor plants #8: Kentia palm (Howea forsteriana)

Kentia palm is a native Australian clumping palm that has large green fronds. It can be used to create a tropical look indoors. If the plant becomes unstable in its pot, repot into a slightly larger containers with fresh potting mix. For fantastic indoor palm care tips, this article is a great read.

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Best large indoor plants #9: Aspidistra

This old-fashioned favourite is also known as the cast iron plant for its durability indoors. It tolerates low light conditions and some drying out but grows best in a brightly lit situation with regular water. Plants form large, leafy clumps and can be divided from time to time to produce more plants. For tips on helping your aspidistra make the most of low-light conditions, click here.

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Best large indoor plants #10: Dieffenbachia

With its leafy green or variegated growth, dieffenbachia is a handsome and easy-care indoor foliage plant. The sap from this plant can be toxic. Keep away from children and pets. For more tips on growing dieffenbachia and other variegated indoor plants, click here.

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