1. Storage baskets and indoor plants: a match made in heaven!

    Storage baskets and indoor plants: a match made in heaven!
    Everywhere you turn this season, you're likely to spot a storage basket. But far from the utilitarian plastic tubs of the past, hidden in cupboards and laundries, the new breed are stylish accents you'd be proud to have out on display in your living area - turning function into fashion. Hand-woven from a range of natural materials including seagrass, rattail...
  2. Pruning guide

    Pruning guide
    For many gardeners the thought of pruning a plant causes stress and doubt. When is the right time to prune? How much should I prune? What do I prune? These are all the questions that jostle for answers as you look at a plant, secateurs in hand. The first rule of pruning is don’t panic! The second rule is understand...
  3. Plants that create a Christmas feel

    Plants that create a Christmas feel
    Traditional Christmas plants are plants that stand out during winter. This may surprise but it reflects the timing of the celebration of Christmas in mid winter in the northern hemisphere when many plants are dormant or bare. Evergreens such as mistletoe, holly (which has red berries in winter), ivy, fir, spruce and yew are all associated with a winter Christmas...
  4. How to Restore Your Plants After Heavy Rain

    How to Restore Your Plants After Heavy Rain
    After this week's weather your plants may need a little extra TLC.
  5. Flowers for Shade

    Flowers for Shade
    With careful planning it is possible to have something blooming in a shaded garden all year round.
  6. Summer flowering plants

    Summer flowering plants
    Looking to fill your garden with colourful summer blooms? You've come to the right place. We've put together a list of our favourite summer flowering plants for every type of garden.   Agapanthus (Agapanthus praecox) Many Australian councils have taken to planting Agapanthus (Agapanthus praecox in particular) in public areas, and they’ll be in full bloom over summer. The Agapanthus...

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