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  1. 6 beautiful plants that flower in shade

    6 beautiful plants that flower in shade
    As residential land shrinks in size, there are many reasons that a garden might lack sun, even if it is north facing. Sun can be blocked by a tree or neighbouring building. Your own house might also cast shadows on your garden throughout the day depending on its height and surroundings. If it’s shady at your place and you love...
  2. Shade Loving Plants: 9 Plants That Grow In Full Shade

    Shade Loving Plants: 9 Plants That Grow In Full Shade
    A shady garden is a cool place to while away hot summer days. Gardens that are filled with lush foliage look cool and feel cool too. Use trees, clumps of palms or a plant-covered pergola to create summer shade in sunny areas or plant shade-loving foliage plants in courtyards or gardens with a shaded southerly aspect. There are many plants...
  3. Shade plants for small gardens

    Shade plants for small gardens
    From foliage to flowering, groundcover to climbing, discover the best plants for creating a shade garden in your small space.   Foliage plants for small shade gardens By their very nature, foliage plants with big leaves are happiest in the shade because they’ve developed bigger leaves to help them catch more light for photosynthesis - and shade-loving foliage doesn’t get...
  4. Fern Care: How to look after indoor and outdoor ferns

    Fern Care: How to look after indoor and outdoor ferns
    Ferns are popular because of their suitability as indoor plants. But the group has even more to offer, as most thrive outdoors, growing well in shaded spots where other plants struggle. They could be just the plant to grow in a courtyard or small shaded garden to create a cool, lush look. Ferns are ancient plants. What sets them apart...
  5. Passionfruit

    A little bit about passionfruit No doubt you’ve enjoyed the tasty, tart fruit of the passionfruit plant. But did you know the fruit comes from a beautiful climbing vine that can create shade, privacy and jazz up an unsightly space? This evergreen perennial is originally from Brazil, but many species feel right at home here in Sydney. If an attractive and...
  6. Flowers for Shade

    Flowers for Shade
    With careful planning it is possible to have something blooming in a shaded garden all year round.

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