1. Flower Power's favourite reliable landscaping plants

    Flower Power's favourite reliable landscaping plants
    There are some plants that are just so reliable in gardens that they are on every garden designer’s plant list. These reliable plants are often referred to as ‘landscaping plants’. They can be used to form a basic planting scheme that can be embellished to create an individual garden. Most also lend themselves to mass-planting for low-maintenance areas, or to...
  2. Plants For Dummies: Best Unkillable Outdoor and Indoor Plants

    Plants For Dummies: Best Unkillable Outdoor and Indoor Plants
    Are you looking to get your garden or indoor jungle started with hardy, low-care, virtually unkillable indoor and outdoor plants? These low-maintenance plants for both indoor and outdoor settings genuinely thrive on neglect, and so are great options for beginner gardeners.   Best Unkillable Indoor Plants If you want to get the most out of this selection, provide a well-lit...
  3. Top drought-resistant plants

    Top drought-resistant plants
    Long dry conditions, water restrictions and the high cost of water are all here to stay. It's not all bad news, though. Low-level water restrictions shouldn’t restrict gardening, as they actually reflect best practice when it comes to watering. The cool of the early morning, or overnight when evaporation is low as mandated by water restrictions, are the best times...
  4. Fire-resistant plants

    Fire-resistant plants
    As summer warms up, all homeowners need to think about being bushfire safe. This means getting rid of rubbish, clearing weeds and debris and cutting back overhanging branches so they are clear of buildings. If you live close to bushland, also remove flammable wood-based mulches especially from around buildings. Replace flammable mulches with inorganic products such as gravel that don’t...
  5. Agapanthus Care

    Agapanthus Care
    Give agapanthus lots of sun, extra water when its really hot and dry and they’ll bloom abundantly. Agapanthus plants that fail to flower are usually growing in too much shade.
  6. Agapanthus

    Agapanthus are a classic in Sydney and in gardens all around Australia. They're tough as nails when it comes to the Australian climate, yet have lush, green foliage and manage to be soft and pretty too with their balls of flowers borne high on stems above the leaves. To a gardener, they're the perfect low maintenance plant, forming a strappy...
  7. Summer flowering plants

    Summer flowering plants
    Looking to fill your garden with colourful summer blooms? You've come to the right place. We've put together a list of our favourite summer flowering plants for every type of garden.   Agapanthus (Agapanthus praecox) Many Australian councils have taken to planting agapanthus (Agapanthus praecox in particular) in public areas, and they’ll be in full bloom over summer. The Agapanthus...

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