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  1. Top drought-resistant plants

    Top drought-resistant plants
    Long dry conditions, water restrictions and the high cost of water are all here to stay. It's not all bad news, though. Low-level water restrictions shouldn’t restrict gardening, as they actually reflect best practice when it comes to watering. The cool of the early morning, or overnight when evaporation is low as mandated by water restrictions, are the best times...
  2. A guide to selecting your perfect rose

    A guide to selecting your perfect rose
    Roses are some of the most romantic and classically beautiful flowers we grow in the garden, but the number of choices can be mind boggling. Choosing a colour is a great place to start, but it's important to select a rose with a habit that suits your situation too. Use the following as a guide when choosing your perfect rose...
  3. 14 cut flowers to grow in your garden

    14 cut flowers to grow in your garden
    There’s nothing like a vase of freshly-cut flowers and there’s nothing like growing the flowers yourself. Discover 14 flowers that make the cut.   1. Kangaroo paw Anigozanthos manglesii Colourful and distinctive, kangaroo paw is one of the most recognised and rewarding natives you can grow and it makes an excellent cut flower. Varieties like Bush Pearl and Bush Pizzazz flower...
  4. 21 plants for a fragrant garden

    21 plants for a fragrant garden
    Spoil one of your strongest senses with some of the most fragrant flowers around.   1. Murraya paniculata Also known as cosmetic bark, jasmine orange and orange jessamine, this evergreen shrub makes for a five-star hedging plant and offers a profusion of white, sweetly-perfumed flowers from spring to autumn. 2. Heliotrope or ‘Cherry Pie’ (Heliotropium arborescens) For a vision of violet...
  5. A rose for all seasons

    A rose for all seasons
    Let our handy guide help you care for your roses year round.   Summer Keep your plant well watered during the hottest months of the year, but don’t water the foliage - this encourages mildew and rust. Deadhead your plant, correctly. Cut it back (on an angle) to a leaf that has five leaflets. This will help produce a flowering bud...
  6. Roses 101: How to prune roses and more insider tips

    Roses 101: How to prune roses and more insider tips
    Winter pruning is done to encourage new growth and good flowering through spring and summer.

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