1. Spring & summer annuals: Our 5 favourite flowers to plant in spring

    Spring & summer annuals: Our 5 favourite flowers to plant in spring
    Annuals are plants that grow, flower and die within a year. They are popular in gardens for adding colour and seasonal interest. Annuals are planted each year as seeds or seedlings. Seeds are sown one to two seasons before flowering time. Growing from seedling shortens the length of time between planting and flowering, so seedlings for summer flowering can be...
  2. Top drought-resistant plants

    Top drought-resistant plants
    Long dry conditions, water restrictions and the high cost of water are all here to stay. It's not all bad news, though. Low-level water restrictions shouldn’t restrict gardening, as they actually reflect best practice when it comes to watering. The cool of the early morning, or overnight when evaporation is low as mandated by water restrictions, are the best times...
  3. Best flowering plants for balconies

    Best flowering plants for balconies
    Balcony gardens may be bijou, but make no mistake - they can also be a challenge. Getting plant choices correct on a balcony is much like furnishing a small space to make it seem larger than it is. Everything needs to be selected carefully. In the case of a balcony garden, the chosen plants not only need to look good...

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