November is ideal for freshening up your outdoors, and getting ready for summer entertaining in the garden. Add bursts of colour with flowering plants, or spruce up your outdoor furniture setting. You can also summer-proof your lawn now, for long lazy days ahead.


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What's flowering in Sydney gardens in November?

What to plant in the garden in November

Which plants to feed in the garden in November

Which plants to prune in the garden in November

  • Prune any spring growth which is fading in the heat. You can also cut back plants that don’t like summer heat, like lavender. Need some advice on how to prune? This article covers it all!
  • Trim jasmine polyanthum to keep it under control.
  • Prune climbing roses to shape after flowering. For all other roses, now's a good time to cut the flowers for indoor displays - this will help prolong flowering.
  • Lightly prune native shrubs after flowering.
  • Spring bloomers fading? Pinch off dead blooms to encourage more flowers.
  • Cut off strawberry plant runners to help redirect your plant's energy toward producing fruit.
  • Love a good topiary? Now’s the time to trim buxus and lilly pilly topiaries to help keep their shape.
  • Now's an excellent time to trim and divide clivias.

Garden pest, weeds and diseases to look out for in November

General garden and lawn care in November

  • Feed your lawn now so that it's lush and green by Christmas. You should also cut your lawn as high as you can to keep it looking well-maintained as well as help shade the roots and reduce water loss from the soil.
  • For year-round lawn care advice, click here.
  • With summer just around the corner, it’s time to summer-proof your lawns and gardens with a little care and attention. Apply Seasol to your lawn and plants as a health tonic to help them cope better with the summer heat.
  • Tender seedlings may suffer in the heat over the next couple of months. Keep them protected with some temporary shade.
  • Water citrus and fruit trees regularly to ensure healthy fruit. Keep outdoor container plants well watered. Place saucers underneath outdoor pots.
  • Make sure your garden beds are well mulched, ready to capture and retain the November rain. Place some Dynamic Lifter or cow manure under the mulch to give the plants a boost. If you need to top up your mulch, do it after a good watering (or some rain!)
  • Once tomato plants begin to set fruit, keep them well watered and fertilised and prepare for fruit fly. A bait like eco-naturalure is your best defence.
  • Divide and re-pot orchids if they have formed a dense clump, using a quality orchid potting mix.
  • Put out some shallow water bowls and dishes for thirsty wildlife. Make sure that you pop a couple of sticks and stones in the bowl too, so that smaller insects and animals can escape if they fall in.

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