1. Where’s my fruit?

    Where’s my fruit?
    We think flowers are there to look pretty, but for the plant they are how they reproduce themselves. Most flowers contain male and female parts, which are usually surrounded by petals. The male parts – called stamens – produce pollen. Pollen is usually seen as yellow grains held on anthers. The female part of the flower is called the pistil...
  2. Why bees are critical for growing your own

    Why bees are critical for growing your own
    The concern for declining bee populations is driving home gardeners to attract pollinating insects including bees, and become backyard beekeepers. But why are bees so critical that they need our special attention? The bottom line is that bees are vital for pollination of flowers on many food plants. Indeed around 35 percent of global food production is dependent on bees...
  3. Good & bad garden bugs

    Good & bad garden bugs
    Like it or not, there will always be bugs and insects in the garden. Some are good for the garden and some are not. Nobody likes the bad bugs that eat our plants, but if we eliminate them completely we lose the good bugs too. Without bugs there would be no frogs, no lizards, no birds and the garden would...

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