1. Steal our style: 4 interior decorating palettes to try this winter

    Steal our style: 4 interior decorating palettes to try this winter
    Winter is the perfect time to update your interior decorating. Watch as we create four different yet equally beautiful looks that are perfect for this season.   Many styles. One Flower Power. Want to recreate one of these looks in your home? Here's a breakdown of the key items you'll need.   Interior decorating look 1: Glorious Green The feel...
  2. Top plant choices for cool climate gardens

    Top plant choices for cool climate gardens
    Gardens in elevated and inland regions, such as west and north-west Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Southern Highlands, enjoy cold winters with lots of frosty mornings. These chilly gardens don't suit the lush, subtropical plants that are favoured in coastal gardens. However, they are perfect for a wide range of cold climate plants, many of which are bare and dormant over...
  3. Helping plants cope with winter

    Helping plants cope with winter
    Cold conditions take their toll on plants during winter. In recent years, winters have become more extreme with frost, very low temperatures and even snow occurring over a wider area than ever before. While some winters are mild, gardeners should be prepared for damaging winter conditions between autumn and early spring. The good news is that many of our favourite...
  4. Hardenbergia

    A little bit about hardenbergia It’s hard not to love this tough, evergreen native. Named after Franziska Countess von Hardenberg, a 19th century Austrian botany patron, a hardenbergia will adapt to almost any spot you put it in. Its deep green, leathery leaves and pea-shaped clusters of flowers are loved by birds and butterflies too.   Botanical name: Australian sarsaparilla...
  5. Autumn and winter garden pests

    Autumn and winter garden pests
    Aphids Green aphids love the tender tips of newly planted pansies, viola and other ornamental seedlings. Also watch out for black aphids that often appear after rain on ornamental shrubs or on the new plant growth of hibiscus, viburnum, murraya, photinia and euonymous that is stimulated after pruning. These pests are a problem because they will distort and weaken new growth...
  6. June

    As winter starts to settle into the garden, you might be thinking about putting on your slippers, not your gardening boots. But your garden still needs lots of love during the quieter months, and June is the perfect time for planting roses, citrus, and winter veggies, as well as preventing pesky lawn weeds. And don’t forget your pruning tools –...
  7. July

    Brr! It's a wet and chilly month, but when the sun peeks out break out the gumboots and hit the garden!
  8. August

    The first days that herald the arrival of spring will appear some time this month, and with them early bloomers like blossoms, magnolias and hellebores.
  9. Frost Protection

    Frost Protection
    In Australia we mostly experience a white or hoar frost where the ground is covered with ice and the grass can become crunchy underfoot.

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