Jennifer Stackhouse

  1. Formal vs Informal Hedging

    Formal vs Informal Hedging
    To add interest consider planting a stepped hedge where several rows of plants of differing heights are used stepping up from a small hedge at the front to a tall hedge at the back.
  2. Potted succulent gardens

    Potted succulent gardens
    Succulents relish hot, dry situations that mimic their natural arid homes. As well as being well suited to tough conditions in the garden, succulents look good planted together in containers to decorate your outdoor entertaining areas or as gifts.
  3. Agapanthus Care

    Agapanthus Care
    Give agapanthus lots of sun, extra water when its really hot and dry and they’ll bloom abundantly. Agapanthus plants that fail to flower are usually growing in too much shade.
  4. Chillies

    Chillies are hot right now and I am not just talking flavour. They are one of the top selling plants for edible gardens. A selection of homegrown chillies provides a range of spicy flavours...
  5. Hydrangeas

    These easy-going, exuberant plants provide weeks of colour in summer gardens and are long-lasting for use indoors too
  6. Border and Edging Plants

    Border and Edging Plants
    Plants growing beside paths and steps serve the same role in the garden that cushions do on the living room sofa. They soften hash lines, introduce colour and texture and also offer a welcome to visitors.
  7. Summer Flowering Trees

    Summer Flowering Trees
    Some of my favourite summer trees bring a splash of colour to the garden or the street as they burst into bloom as the season starts to warm up.
  8. What's in the mix?

    What's in the mix?
    Potting Mixes are different in structure from soils or compost.
  9. Ground Covers

    Ground Covers
    Create a carpet of green for a natural mulch and sustainable gardening.
  10. Gardenia Care in Spring

    Gardenia Care in Spring
    A heady fragrance, massed cream flowers from spring to autumn and glossy green leaves make a highly desirable combination for gardens, hedges or pots.

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